Verdicts & Settlements

While working previously during his career for other law firms in the Washington D.C./ Baltimore area as an assigned attorney of record, Mr. FitzPatrick litigated, tried and contributed to the following successful results as a lawyer:

  • $ 6 million

    medical malpractice settlement failure to diagnose hypertension

  • $6 million

    settlement : Anoxic brain injury

  • $1.8 million

    medical malpractice settlement – failure to properly intubate patient settled before commencing suit.

  • $ 3 million

    brain damage medical malpractice settlement

  • $2.4 million

    medical malpractice failure to properly monitor

  • $860,000

    medical malpractice verdict- Prince George’s County – Operating Room Fire

  • $400,000

    medical malpractice wrongful death

  • $525,000

    Personal Injury Ship Accident

  • $500,000

    Nursing Home Malpractice/ Wrongful Death


  • Sinera vs. Rosenbaum- Lead Poisoning trial
  • Wechsler vs. Moallem – Medical Malpractice trial
  • Fodera vs. Ross- Medical Malpractice trial
  • Katsanos vs. Abromovichi- Medical Malpractice trial
  • Binns-Grayton vs. Thong et al – Medical Malpractice trial
  • Morland vs. Masselli et al – Medical Malpractice trial
  • Moreland vs. LIJ, Inc. – Medical Malpractice trial
  • Hernandez vs. Shirazi- Medical Malpractice trial
  • Bramble vs. Torrijos, et al Medical Malpractice
  • Bamba vs. Presbyterian Hospital et al, – Medical Malpractice
  • In Re Hepatitis C- Summary Judgment underlying action
  • Lifshitz vs. Feola – Medical Malpractice Summary Judgment
  • Martin vs. Levitan – Medical Malpractice trial
  • Falah Stewart vs. Mandees, Inc. – Premises Liability trial
  • Fallon vs. Zizzi Contracting Corporation – Construction Accident Settlement
  • Hamilton vs. John Hancock – Premises Liability trial
  • Gutierrez vs. Atlas Pacific Engineering Co. – Product Liability trial Aldrich vs. Tipa – Major Automobile Accident trial
  • Kassimov vs. Needleman – Major Automobile Accident trial
  • Fitzpatrick vs. Doe, et al – wrongful discharge/ employment discrimination settlement
  • Lawton vs. Resnick & Schwartzman- Legal Malpractice trial .
  • Perry vs. Autopsy Associates, Inc. . Workers Compensation trial
  • Doe vs. Doe – Custody/ Family Law
  • Gabler vs. Gabler- Custody/ Family Law trial
  • Doe vs. Doe – Custody/Family Law
  • Mcintosh vs. Mcintosh- Custody/ Family Law trial
  • Doe vs. Doe- Custody- Family Law trial

Mr. FitzPatrick litigated and represented clients in the following criminal cases:

  • State of Maryland vs. Maples
  • State of Maryland vs. Parker
  • State of Maryland vs. Jaye-
  • State of Maryland vs. Goldsmith
  • State of Maryland vs. Gaskins
  • State of Maryland vs. Kirkland
  • State of Maryland vs. Jackson
  • State of Maryland vs. Gould
  • State of Maryland vs. Herring
  • State of Maryland vs. Bagley
  • State of Maryland vs. Stevenson
  • State of Maryland vs. Ware
  • State of Maryland vs. Ashbrook