Verdicts & Settlements

While working previously during his career for other law firms in the Washington D.C., Baltimore, and New York City areas as an assigned attorney of record, Mr. FitzPatrick litigated, tried and contributed to the following successful results as a lawyer:

  • $ 6 million

    medical malpractice settlement failure to diagnose hypertension

  • $6 million

    settlement : Anoxic brain injury

  • $1.8 million

    medical malpractice settlement – failure to properly intubate patient settled before commencing suit.

  • $ 3 million

    brain damage medical malpractice settlement

  • $2.4 million

    medical malpractice failure to properly monitor

  • $860,000

    medical malpractice verdict- Prince George’s County – Operating Room Fire

  • $400,000

    medical malpractice wrongful death

  • $525,000

    Personal Injury Ship Accident

  • $500,000

    Nursing Home Malpractice/ Wrongful Death


  • Sinera vs. Rosenbaum- Lead Poisoning trial
  • Wechsler vs. Moallem – Medical Malpractice trial
  • Fodera vs. Ross- Medical Malpractice trial
  • Katsanos vs. Abromovichi- Medical Malpractice trial
  • Binns-Grayton vs. Thong et al – Medical Malpractice trial
  • Morland vs. Masselli et al – Medical Malpractice trial
  • Moreland vs. LIJ, Inc. – Medical Malpractice trial
  • Hernandez vs. Shirazi- Medical Malpractice trial
  • Bramble vs. Torrijos, et al Medical Malpractice
  • Bamba vs. Presbyterian Hospital et al, – Medical Malpractice
  • In Re Hepatitis C- Summary Judgment underlying action
  • Lifshitz vs. Feola – Medical Malpractice Summary Judgment
  • Martin vs. Levitan – Medical Malpractice trial
  • Falah Stewart vs. Mandees, Inc. – Premises Liability trial
  • Fallon vs. Zizzi Contracting Corporation – Construction Accident Settlement
  • Hamilton vs. John Hancock – Premises Liability trial
  • Gutierrez vs. Atlas Pacific Engineering Co. – Product Liability trial Aldrich vs. Tipa – Major Automobile Accident trial
  • Kassimov vs. Needleman – Major Automobile Accident trial
  • Fitzpatrick vs. Doe, et al – wrongful discharge/ employment discrimination settlement
  • Lawton vs. Resnick & Schwartzman- Legal Malpractice trial .
  • Perry vs. Autopsy Associates, Inc. . Workers Compensation trial
  • Doe vs. Doe – Custody/ Family Law
  • Gabler vs. Gabler- Custody/ Family Law trial
  • Doe vs. Doe – Custody/Family Law
  • Mcintosh vs. Mcintosh- Custody/ Family Law trial
  • Doe vs. Doe- Custody- Family Law trial

Mr. FitzPatrick litigated and represented clients in the following criminal cases:

  • State of Maryland vs. Maples
  • State of Maryland vs. Parker
  • State of Maryland vs. Jaye-
  • State of Maryland vs. Goldsmith
  • State of Maryland vs. Gaskins
  • State of Maryland vs. Kirkland
  • State of Maryland vs. Jackson
  • State of Maryland vs. Gould
  • State of Maryland vs. Herring
  • State of Maryland vs. Bagley
  • State of Maryland vs. Stevenson
  • State of Maryland vs. Ware
  • State of Maryland vs. Ashbrook