The Status of America’s Car Culture: What Does it Mean for Accidents?

America's Car CultureAre people just not that interested in cars anymore? An industry that was once essential for American prosperity and in fact the symbol of travel, ease, and interstate commerce doesn’t hold as much appeal with younger generations, according to research.

This is despite the fact that some automakers are working hard towards autonomous vehicles, propping up this new technology as the potential wave of the future.

There’s no doubt that the automobile has had a substantial economic and social impact on American culture. It has changed the American landscape and social interaction tremendously. The automobile has contributed to the growth of shopping malls, urban sprawl, suburbs and a changing geography.

The automobile has also contributed to how individuals play and work, whether it’s a weekend trip to relax or your daily commute.

There are signs, however, that many of the off-shoots of the automobile including pickup trucks and SUVs are losing their grip on the American pocketbook and psychology.

This leads some experts to argue that the car culture in the U.S. may be dying or slumping.

What the Data Says About a Declining Car Culture

One of the primary reasons for this claim is that millennials between the ages of 18 and 35 have lost their desire for purchasing and driving cars.

The Federal Highway Administration recently published data to back this up. The number of licensed drivers aged 16 or younger in 2014 has dropped by 37% since 2009, and was the lowest number nationwide since the 1960s. It’s not just short term, either.

It looks that this may be a long term trend. The Highway Loss Data Institute also shows that between 1983 and 2010, the number of 16 year olds who had a driver’s license dropped from 46% to 28%.

At the same time, the number of 17 year olds who had driver’s licenses decreased from 69% to 46%.

Despite the fact that it looks like cars are no longer the vital means of transportation or status symbol they once were, the United States has come in as a leader amongst comparable countries in terms of car crash fatalities.

Car Accidents in the U.S.

Car accidents across the United States are a major problem causing billions of dollars in costs associated with damages and lost productivity.

Many individuals have sustained critical injuries in vehicle accidents and the surge of distracted driving has only contributed more to this number.

In cities like D.C, many younger residents don’t feel like they need a vehicle due to the advanced public transportation system that gets them where they need go relatively easily.

With parking storage fees expensive and the difficulty of finding a regular spot in the city, it often makes more sense to travel on foot, bike, or on public transit. This trend is just in D.C., however. Nationwide there has been a drop in Millennial’s interest level for cars. This stands to impact how manufacturers develop and produce cars in the next 50 years.

The fact that car accidents can leave behind a devastating wake of injuries and death is a big problem for the U.S., a current leader in car crash fatalities among other wealthy nations.

What to Do If You’ve Already Been in an Accident

Have you already been involved in an accident in the District of Columbia or elsewhere as a result of someone else’s distracted driving or impaired driving?

You may not know that you could be entitled to recover compensation by filing a lawsuit in court. All of the damages you have incurred and the pain and suffering you are coping with after the accident may be considered in a car accident lawsuit.

Consult with a Knowledgeable Washington DC Car Accident Attorney

Speaking with a knowledgeable Washington DC car accident attorney is the best way to protect your rights and to be clear about whether or not it’s in your best interest to file a lawsuit.

If the injuries you’ve sustained in an accident have led to costly medical bills or if you find yourself unable to return to the job you had prior to the accident, it is likely that the impacts of this incident will be long term.

You need to protect your interests by reaching out to a lawyer who is committed and compassionate about your case.

Learn more about the steps you need to take after a car accident happens: