Reading One Text While Driving – Is It Truly All That Dangerous?

Text While DrivingThere is increasing evidence that Americans are addicted to their cellphones and the incoming pings and the notifications of people reaching out to us, whether it’s a Facebook message, a text message or a slack or WhatsApp messenger notification, gives people a high and causes them to get addicted to checking their cellphone constantly.

So, is it really that difficult for someone to put down their cellphone in the car and avoid answering one text? Perhaps those who are waiting for pertinent news or who only receive text messages in emergency situations would argue that receiving one text message and looking away from the roadway for just a couple of seconds won’t make that much difference.

However, data reported by CNN indicates that one or a couple of text messages can make a difference, particularly because it becomes very hard to distinguish between when you should look at the phone and when you shouldn’t. Checking out one text message easily leaves towards developing the habit full time.

Reading Text While DrivingAccording to a recent CNN research study, reading one text message is the equivalent of driving the entire length of a football field at 55 miles per hour, all without having your eyes focused on the target at the end. This can put you at significant risk of being involved in a major accident and injuring yourself or others.

If you are not yet convinced that even one text message can significantly increase your chances of being involved in an accident, consider that the University of Utah showed that looking at one text message can increase your chances of being involved in a vehicle accident by as much as 6 times.

With car accidents already a leading cause of fatalities and serious injuries across the United States, why increase your risk any further? Put down the phone and wait to respond to any text messages until you have a chance to arrive at your destination.

If you are certain that you need to receive essential details, pull over until you have had an opportunity to call the person on the phone or text them back.

You should never attempt to manipulate your phone while driving a car. Consider also that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has found that more than eight individuals are killed every single day in the United States in crashes that involve a distracted driver.

Car accidents have the potential to change the course of your life forever. The serious injuries and grisly outcomes reported in many distracted driving car accidents are illustration enough of just how devastating these accidents can be.

It turns out that checking one text message, sending one text message or manipulating your phone in any way can put you at significant risk of an accident. Given that texting and driving is also banned in the majority of states across the country, it’s not worth risking getting in trouble with the law or causing a severe accident. Distracted driving has implications for everyone.

When you pick up the phone to answer or read one text message, you take the lives of yourself and everyone else on the road in your hands. Rarely are the text messages sent while someone is behind the wheel of a car worth even reading or responding to, and this is something that those drivers who have caused distraction accidents realize only after the fact that their loss of attention was devastating. Since you cannot turn back the clock, the best way to protect yourself is with an injury claim.

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Consider how you might feel if you were responsible for the paralysis or the death of someone else in a severe accident. You may be responsible for facing criminal or even civil penalties.

It is worth it to consider using distracted driving phone applications or putting your phone on airplane mode in the car so that you are not even tempted by the incoming ping of a new notification. Who knows, may be ignoring that one text message could just be what saves your life.

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