New Device May Help Patients Who Have Suffered a Serious Head Trauma

Serious Head TraumaUnfortunately, car accidents in DC can lead to a range of severe injuries including head trauma. Since complex head injuries like a traumatic brain injury are frequently some of the least well understood in the medical community, as a result of their complicated nature and the fact that it can present differently in every single patient, many devices and research studies are exploring the ways to improve the lives of head trauma patients.

Study Indicates Device May Help Suffering Patients

One new research study involves a brain pacemaker that may help patients who are recovering from serious injuries. This is referred to as deep brain stimulation. In this technique, targeted electrical impulses are sent to particular areas of the brain that may help individuals who have sustained a traumatic brain injury, gain more independence.

Traumatic brain injuries are frequently associated with severe sporting accidents, slip and fall injuries and car crashes. There are more than 80,000 new cases of traumatic brain injury disability every single year, but unfortunately the treatment options have not kept up with the pace of the growth of traumatic brain injuries in the population over all.

This new study, however, out of Ohio State University indicates that there may be improvements in independence, emotional and behavioral regulations, self-control, functional outcomes and disability within a two-year period after deep brain stimulation treatment.

A traumatic brain injury can have a broad range of implications on a car accident victim in DC. Traumatic brain injuries can negatively impact awareness, thinking, decision making, behavioral self-regulation, problem solving and judgment, as well as memory for an impacted individual.

The deep brain in simulation treatment has three primary components – the electrode, the extension and a pulse generator. The lead is surgically implanted into the brain to allow the brain to be stimulated. The extension is a wire that is implanted under the skin from the head through the shoulders and the neck to connect the pulse generator to the lead. The deep brain stimulation was tested in four different patients.

All of these patients had sustained severe brain damage as a result of an automobile crash from as recently as 6 years earlier to as far back as 21 years prior to the treatment.

Many of the patients were significantly impaired when it came to performing regular functions of daily life. All four patients were not capable of being alone overnight and needed assistance with using the toilet, grooming, dressing and other daily supervision activities.

Over the course of two years of treatment, three of the four participants in the study experienced emotional and behavioral improvements as well as significant gains in functional independence.

Improvements in engagement and alertness were noted among all four participants. Two required less assistance with daily living activities and three out of the four patients increased their involvement for activities outside of their house.

Deep brain stimulation has already been a popular treatment for handling Parkinson’s disease as well. Of course, larger studies will be needed to determine the potential long range implications of this treatment for individuals who have sustained a traumatic brain injury. According to this study, however, there were no significant complications, risks or adverse events.

What to Do If You’ve Recently Sustained a Brain Injury

If you have recently sustained a brain injury as a result of another driver’s recklessness or negligent behavior, you need to consult with an experienced Washington DC car accident attorney as soon as possible.

A medical condition like a traumatic brain injury can be extremely expensive to treat and can have long lasting implications for your life.

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This is why it is imperative that you consult with an attorney sooner rather than later to protect your rights and recover essential compensation to allow you to move on from the accident.

If you have recently sustained a traumatic brain injury or other kind of injury that makes it difficult for you to return to work, you need to consult with a DC car accident attorney immediately.

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