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Do you have a case for Wrongful Termination?

Wrongful Termination Lawyer

An experienced wrongful termination lawyer can determine your best course of action

If you feel you have been the victim of wrongful termination, you are not alone. Recent trends show that wrongful termination lawsuits have spiked nationwide.

These cases are now number one among all lawsuits concerning labor law. Anyone who has been fired from their job for suspicious reasons needs an experienced wrongful termination lawyer on their side.

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Workplace Discrimination and Termination – When is it Retaliation?

An Washington DC Wrongful Termination Attorney can help recover your sense of justice

When someone experiences discrimination in the workplace, it is a violation of state and federal labor laws. Discrimination can be based on age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, military affiliation, political affiliation, and so much more.

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Reading One Text While Driving – Is It Truly All That Dangerous?

There is increasing evidence that Americans are addicted to their cellphones and the incoming pings and the notifications of people reaching out to us, whether it’s a Facebook message, a text message or a slack or WhatsApp messenger notification, gives people a high and causes them to get addicted to checking their cellphone constantly.

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New Device May Help Patients Who Have Suffered a Serious Head Trauma

Suffered a Serious Head Trauma

Unfortunately, car accidents in DC can lead to a range of severe injuries including head trauma. Since complex head injuries like a traumatic brain injury are frequently some of the least well understood in the medical community, as a result of their complicated nature and the fact that it can present differently in every single patient, many devices and research studies are exploring the ways to improve the lives of head trauma patients.

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DC Heavy Traffic Driving Often Linked to Multiple Vehicle Accidents

Multiple Vehicle Accidents

Living in in the DC area means that you are probably already quite comfortable operating your car in heavy traffic. Unfortunately, due to the congested and busy roads of Washington DC, multi-vehicle pile ups and heavy traffic accidents are all too common.

You’ve probably driven by some of these accidents when multiple lanes were shut down on any of the major roadways in or surrounding Washington DC. What follows are several tips to minimize your chances of being involved in an accident like this and avoiding catastrophic injuries.

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Rear End Car Crashes 101

Rear End Car Accident

Unfortunately, rear end car crashes are some of the most common reasons for vehicle crashes across the District of Columbia. Being involved in a rear end crash can be unnerving in a best case scenario and catastrophic in a worst case scenario.

Rear end crashes happen every day all over the country. They can happen in both urban settings and rural areas but due to the congested traffic of the Washington DC area, the busy roads of the nation’s capital may be prime real estate for severe rear end collisions. If you’ve been involved in a rear end collision, you’re not alone.

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Car Accident Injuries Can Extend Far Beyond Just What Happens as a Result of the Collision Itself

Car Accident

As an injured individual suffering after a Washington DC car accident, you may be surprised to learn that although collisions can certainly render their fair share of injuries and damages, you could also be injured by a variety of other incidents associated with an accident.

For example, AAA recently released a study sharing the severe concerns associated with debris flying off of vehicles.

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Pokémon Go Poses Serious Risks for Pedestrians, Cyclists and Drivers On America’s Roads

Pokémon Go

If you work anywhere in the District, you’ve probably seen people out on their lunch break, enjoying Pokémon Go. The city is home to numerous locations where individuals can partake in this digital game, capturing electronic creatures from their cellphone.

Although this might be an excellent way for adults to unwind after a long day at work or during their lunch break, it’s something that should never happen behind the wheel of a car.

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New Bill Could Change How Bicycle Accident Victims Pursue Lawsuits, If Injured

A new law in the District of Columbia has been proposed that would change the way that lawsuits are handled when a bicyclist is injured in an accident involving a vehicle.

Currently, if the bicyclist is determined to be at least 1% at fault for the accident, he or she is not entitled to collect any damages from the motorist. This puts cyclists at a serious disadvantage.

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