Car Accident Injuries Can Extend Far Beyond Just What Happens as a Result of the Collision Itself

Car Accident InjuriesAs an injured individual suffering after a Washington DC car accident, you may be surprised to learn that although collisions can certainly render their fair share of injuries and damages, you could also be injured by a variety of other incidents associated with an accident.

For example, AAA recently released a study sharing the severe concerns associated with debris flying off of vehicles.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to share the road with a vehicle that did not seem to have everything tied down properly, you may have just avoided a critical accident.

Studies Show Severe Injuries and Accidents Common with Unsecured Loads

Between 2011 and 2014, more than 200,000 crashes in the United States were associated with debris form an unsecured load flying off and hitting other vehicles.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety revealed that 39,000 injuries in approximately 500 deaths were linked to those specific incidents during the same period.

Many of these crashes are completely preventable if the drivers would have taken the appropriate time to secure their load ahead of time.

Flying Debris Linked to Road-Related Deaths

Of those individuals who died as a result of debris related crashes, 37% of them were doing so while attempting to swerve to avoid the debris.

These accidents are most likely to happen on busy freeways in the middle of the day. All 50 states have fines associated with creating road debris but it is frequently the car accident victims themselves who suffer significantly when an accident happens.

Why Are Unsecured Loads Such a Risk?

When part of a load blows off of a truck or another vehicle in front of you, you may swerve quickly in order to avoid an accident.

On the busy roads of Washington DC, it can be even more complicated to avoid an accident during rush hour when traffic speeds up and slows constantly.

Unsecured loads present risks to everyone on the road including pedestrians and cyclists as well.

Whether it’s somebody simply moving something on the back of a truck or someone towing a bigger item like a boat, an unsecured load can cause multi-car pile ups and significant costs in the form of injuries and damages.

Individuals who create road debris and cause accidents as a result, may be held responsible if you choose to pursue a Washington DC personal injury claim.

Even if the car causing the accident itself did not swerve and hit another driver or break any other road rules, an unsecured load can make for a catastrophic situation in just a couple of seconds.

Do You Really Need Legal Help Post-Accident?

As other drivers attempt to swerve around the debris and avoid accidents, multiple collisions can occur and individuals at the front of the line may be at a very high risk of severe injuries.

This is why it is essential to consult with a Washington DC personal injury attorney as soon as possible after you have been injured in any accident involving unsecured debris.

The individual responsible may be facing fines or other penalties associated with having an unsecured load but you may also be entitled to file a personal injury claim after consulting with a Washington DC car accident attorney.

Make sure that you keep a copy of all photos, videos and other documentation associated with the accident so that you can share this with your attorney.

It may be essential to create a reconstruction of the accident scene itself and you’ll also want to retain a copy of your medical records in order to illustrate how severely you were injured in such an accident.

As drivers, it can be difficult to adjust to a situation like an unsecured load leaving debris in the road, but your injuries may last for months or years and this is why it is worth reaching out to an injury attorney to protect yourself.

Call an Washington DC Car Accident Lawyer about Your Case

A lawyer can present you with all your options and help you get organized with your evidence if you decide to initiate a personal injury claim.

Since these cases can take some time, but many settle out of court, it’s better to initiate the process now. Contact a Washington DC car accident attorney today.

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