Are Red Light Cameras Doing More Than Just Catching Law Breakers?

Red light camerasRed light cameras were implemented as one way to curb the behavior of speeding through red lights and causing devastating accidents.

The primary purpose for establishing these red light cameras was to send a message to individuals breaking the law that they could be caught and responsible for paying fines.

Police departments have been able to capture images as violations occur and then send out information to the responsible party regarding the ticket. This gave police departments a much bigger reach than was ever possible by sending officers out to various intersections.

Everyone has probably been at an intersection at one time or another where the red light camera has flashed and induced a wave of panic for the driver who just went through the intersection.

Will you get a ticket? Was the flash just a warning to watch it? Red light cameras were initially promoted as a great way to discourage the behavior overall, since drivers who suspect that their bad behavior is being captured on film are more likely to slow down and follow the law.

A new study, however, indicates that these red light cameras may be doing way more than just holding people accountable for their law breaking behavior.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, red light cameras are critical for preventing traffic accident fatalities. That’s because the study identified that in cities where the red light cameras were turned off, fatality numbers spiked.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety evaluated the data by looking at red light cameras all over the nation. Some cities, however, have made the decision recently to yank these programs because of their cost. It turns out that could be a mistake that could increase the cost in terms of human lives.

In those 29 cities that eliminated the program, the fatal red light running crash was actually 30% higher. Recently cities have picked up on the trend of getting rid of their red light program but this could be to the detriment of their own citizens.

It may be viewed as a cost prohibitive program, however, it can help to eliminate traffic accidents and send the message that individuals need to follow the law or pay the consequences.

A red light camera might be saving the lives of accident victims just by being there. Even if the camera is not activated, knowing that there is one potentially activated at the intersection could stop red light runners from speeding through and putting others at risk.

 Benefits of Red light camera

One of the major benefits of having a red light camera is that simply by having it physically present, drivers may be more safe and cautious because they know that the camera could be capturing what they are doing. A sense of safety and security can be supported by the idea that people may be paying attention to what is happening at these intersections.

If you have recently been injured in an accident where someone else sped through a red light or broke another law and caused a collision with you, a pedestrian or another vehicle, you may be entitled to fight for compensation in court.

Life after a severe car accident where someone has run through a red light can be devastating. In fact, it is not uncommon to think back over the scene of the accident and feel frustration that it could have been entirely prevented if that person had not run a red light.

Someone speeding through a red light is frequently going at a much faster rate than an individual whose light has recently turned green. This is why T-bone accidents can happen so quickly and can lead to such devastating injuries for the accident victim.

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