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Serving New York, Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia

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Christopher M. FitzPatrick Attorney at Law

Serving Clients in New York, Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia

FitzPatrick & Associates provides exceptional legal representation to clients in New York, the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. Led by attorney, Christopher M. FitzPatrick, the firm handles cases in a wide range of practice areas, including personal injury, commercial litigation, employment law, medical malpractice, criminal law, matrimonial/family law, real estate, and trusts and estates.

A respected trial lawyer for nearly 20 years, Mr. FitzPatrick has an excellent reputation among his clients and peers in the legal community for putting his clients first. Client satisfaction is the heart of everything the firm does, from the first meeting to the final result. Throughout his legal career, Mr. FitzPatrick has focused on three principles: honesty, integrity and hard work. Clients deserve respect, honesty and the utmost attention and dedication to their respective cases. The clients also deserve to be thoroughly informed about their cases throughout the litigation process. These values have allowed Mr. FitzPatrick to serve his clients while maintaining the highest ethical standards possible. Mr. FitzPatrick has helped numerous families, businesses, and individuals achieve their goals throughout his legal career.

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If You Have Been Injured In an Accident


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